We offer consulting regarding choosing the best possible business partner. We help with choosing a proper Work Agency specializing in placing the best possible workforce, according to your company’s profile. How many times recruited workers haven’t met your expectations, while being provided by an Agency? How many times a worker has been called off after a month?

We do realize how important it is to introduce stability and a level of professionalism, which will ensure that your company is going to develop. That’s why we treat each client with an individual approach. After learning about your needs, we verify an agency which has the biggest number of workers adequately skilled for your business. This allows us to shorten the time needed for the workforce to arrive, while also it guarantees that qualified workforce will be supplied.

Our business also contacts Polish offices in order to verify whether said agencies were controlled and what was the outcome of the control. Less controls and less fines are a testament to fine practices of managing an Agency and satisfaction of provided personnel. As you know, a satisfied worker who re-engages with the same agency, is able to gain valuable experience, having worked at many projects, rendering him a qualified specialist in your trade.

Negotiating is also among our services. It allows you to save a lot of time and to have the best possible offer on the market.

Our services are entirely FREE for our clients. That’s because we take our share from a supplying agency, delivering a co-operation beneficial for all parties involved.

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